Contemporary Christmas Cards 2024

Wide Range of Contemporary 2024 Christmas Cards

What is the secret to a truly special contemporary Christmas card? At Christmas Connections we like to think it is a card that is bursting to life with colour, a card that captures the imagination with sharp yet tactile design and, of course, a card that wisps us away to a land of glitz and glamour with delicate foil printing.

From embossed design to glitter and even elements of 3D, our modern Christmas cards take a fresh approach with fonts and images, whilst also utilising our latest breakthrough finish options; which now not only let you see the contemporary design, but feel it too.

Start with our elegant reindeer design, a card which we have taken the time to craft so you not only get a modern take on one of Santa's famed helpers, but also a card that can really embrace foil printing as a centrepiece of the design. With hundreds of contemporary designs added each year, our updated 2022 collection is now overflowing with designs and finish options that we know you'll love.

So whether you're looking for a contemporary design to truly capture the modern and chic side of your business, or you're a person who would simply like to keep with the times and offer something a little more up to date this year; Christmas connections has all your contemporary desires covered.

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Festive Lights
149 x 203mm
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