Each Christmas card can be personalised with your family name, company name or logo. 50p (inc VAT) from each card sold in price band D, 25p (inc VAT) from price bands C and B and 10p (inc VAT) from price band A will be donated to your chosen charity.

Charity Christmas Cards

When it comes to Christmas, we all know that it’s the giving that makes this season truly special. The look on your partner’s face when they receive that oh-so special something you’ve been teasing at for months, or possibly the little festive cheer you can bring to a colleague during your secret Santa exchange. Giving is the key to our Christmas joy.

At Charity Christmas Cards we like to think a major part of the joy of giving comes in the form of Christmas cards. You just never know whose day you can make that tiny little bit more cheerful, with a personal note of thanks.

As important as it is to thank our friends and family during this season of all things jolly, it’s also really significant that we give to those less fortunate than ourselves. After all, we are celebrating all the great things in our lives at Christmas, and so if we, individually, can do something, even if it’s a little something, to help someone less fortunate, then it becomes a truly special time of year.

That’s one of the major reasons we have proudly supported a number of imperative charities for 30 years with our Charity Christmas Cards, and continue to do so. Since 1907 we have raised a whopping £10 million for charities across the UK and again, in 2021, we’d like to encourage you to help us continue this support by choosing our Charity donation service when purchasing your Christmas cards.

How do Charity Christmas Cards Work?

First things first, the really great thing about our Charity Christmas cards is that when you choose to donate, absolutely no extra cost will come from your pocket. We take up to 50p directly out of the cost of producing each Christmas card. This means if you’re buying 100 cards you can donate up to £50.

The other great thing about our Charity Christmas cards is that while you are making a much needed donation to your chosen charity, you are also helping to spread the awareness and the cause of the charity, by having the logo printed on the insert of the card.

For Businesses and Families alike, we think this is a great way to both send a little festive cheer and show you are caring for the wider community, by thinking of those less fortunate at this happy time of year.

Who do we work with?

Over the last 30 years we have been working hard to build ongoing relationships with charities, so that we can offer you a wider choice of partners than any other charity card supplier.

To date, we are proud to say we work with over 250 charities including some of the UK’s most renowned charities, such as: British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, Marie Curie, Help the Heroes and many more.

Although our list is pretty huge already, we’d like to make your options bigger. We know there are more charities out there that need our help and many of you will have your own local or personal charities that we may not work with. If there is a charity you would like to donate to that we don’t currently work with, why not ask them get in touch or give us a call yourself and notify us of your personal charity.

How much do we donate?

The donation we make to charity on your behalf is a minimum of 10p and up to 50p (including VAT) for every charity xmas card purchased. For example, if you purchase 100 cards that were a price band A and select a charity, we would donate £10.00; and for 200 cards the donation would be £20.00 - and so on, the higher the quantity and / or price band the more the donation.

Once you have chosen your charity and placed your order, you can leave the rest to us. We make each donation direct to the charity on your behalf so there's no need for extra forms or paperwork.

So far we've donated...

£10 million to charity over the last 30 years as CCA Occasions Ltd and it's associated brands such as Christmas Connections, and we aim to bring more charities on board each year.